Vesele Vianoce !
Merry Christmas !
Where can we find Christmas ?

We can find it everywhere,

But especially in the loving hearts

Of those who really care ...
GOOD LUCK to you and yours and a Happy Healthy New Year 2005! 

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English   " Ladybug "
German  " Marienkafer "
Slovak    "Lienka "
English   " Christmas "
German  " Weihnachten "
Slovak    " Vianoce "
           The Ladybug  was known as " The Beetle of  Our Lady "
the Virgin Mary mother of  CHRIST  that is how she got her name.
Ladybug in Winter
                             by  Birgit
Crawling through the flower garden...
Ladybug, I beg your pardon,
Don't you think it's time to go?
Pretty soon it's going to snow !
Spread your tiny wings and fly...
With Christmas angels in the sky.
( Music Midi is Oh Christmas Tree or  in German,.. Oh Tannenbaum )
Season's Greetings from Birgit
Frohe Weihnachten !
Hi !   Hallo !    Ahoj !
She is my E-mail Buddy !
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How Dear to Me the Memory of Bringing Home the Christmas Tree ...
Ladybugs bring you GOOD LUCK !
Christmas Greetings Everybuggy !
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