Catch me if you can !
         Ladybug in October
                                                          by  Birgit
Crawling through the pumpkin patch ...
Ladybug you're hard to catch !
Wish I was lucky just like you ...
I'd creep amongst the pumpkins too
But now I think it's time you leave ...
To fly with the spirits on All Hallow's Eve
In the Middle Ages when swarms of pests were destroying crops, farmers prayed to
the Virgin Mary for help.  Luckily, soon after the little beetles came and ate the bad pests
and saved the crops !  Farmers called these bugs " Beetles of Our LADY " and they
eventually became known as " LADYBUGS ".  They have been used as symbols of
" Good Luck " worldwide ever since !
Hallowe'en and my Ladybug Theme !
It is held on Oct 31 st, the eve of All Saints' Day, a holiday of the Roman Catholic and
Anglican churches to honor all saints.  In Christian theology a saint is a person
preeminent for holiness.  All angels are saints, and " Our LADY MARY " the mother of
Christ is chief among them.  Ladybugs, lady beetles or ladybirds are named for their
association with the Virgin Mary.
The name Hallowe'en comes from the medieval English " All Hallow's Eve "  originally
a Celtic festival to mark the new year, welcome spirits of the dead, and appease
supernatural powers.  This festival  was introduced to us by the Scottish and Irish
immigrants and is now a children's festival famous for " trick or treat. "
Boo !
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