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Fly to Toothfairycyerspace !
To Karen B., my friends locally and around the world .....and also to my NEW cyberfriends
" Thank-You " for all the e-mail and help which has taught me how to use the computer !

Special thanks to my e-mail buddy " STARSURFER "  for  all the computer knowledge that I have gained from her...Please check out my " links " page to see her banner along with other websites you might like to visit!
Yes, that's him  !
Catching some AIR !
Ladybug and her Manbug !
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Come along cyberpals, surf in
the cyberbugmobile with us !  But please remember to sign in
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  To My Whimsical Place in Cyberspace !
SKATEBOARDING  was the way our son
liked traveling!  Gone are the days of being a 'Soccer Mom' or cheering alongside the
BMX bike racetrack.
Hope you'll BEE back one for a visit one day !

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I've been having a great time just  LADYBUGGIN  along, crawling through the World Wide Web or flying throughCyberspace at my
own little pace...
Thanks  SEW  much for visiting my website, YOU are what keeps my  FRIENDSHIP GARDEN growing !  I hope you'll be back again
one day  soon to see my more pages of my FUNSTUFF !
Please click on the Toothfairy to fly to my Toothfairycyberspace dental site.
In folk medicine it was believed that if you put mashed LADYBUGS
into a cavity it would stop a toothache !  Well anyways...I have
been working in Dentistry for over 30  years and I still believe in the

                                   " TOOTHFAIRY "
Some days you are the BUG and some days you are the windshield   !!!
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Sunshine Hills
RAINBOWS are often associated with spirit, a gateway or bridge
to heaven or other dimensions, a symbol of hope, peace and unity ...
                                ( Midi playing " Over the Rainbow  " )