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Bugs at home, work, &  play !  Fond memories  60's, 70's... "Nostaligia"
CLICK on this postcard below to see remaining selection of collectible VW cards,
Also... vintage  style "Sachs" lapel pins, original old inventory but NEW condition.
The Victory Wagen Bug, once Canada's fastest V W racer !     sponsored by my Dad " WOLF "

Hope you like my little BUG collection?
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That's my old Punchbuggy!
This was my 1968  BUG  I drove it until 1988 & sold it for more than I paid for it !  It looked just a bit like "Herbie the Lovebug" don't you think?
Peek -a -Boo Bug!
~ This page is fondly dedicated to my " Papi " ~
Holiday HOT Spot!
My very own Lady VW BUG!!
The remainder of his original German VW parts inventory was sold by me to WOLFSBERG WEST in California, "CLICK" on the Victory Wagen to travel to their business website!
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